Transfigurations of Veganism

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Call for Papers
January 31, 2023
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Animal Studies, Literature, Philosophy, Popular Culture Studies, Art, Art History & Visual Studies

Zoophilologica. Polish Journal of Animal Studies : CFP

Guest editors: Marzena Kubisz and Agata Sitko 

The conception of a human diet that excludes the consumption of animal products - be it vegan or vegetarian ones - has been developed over the centuries and has evolved to achieve unprecedented popularity in recent years. This revival is accompanied by debates, disputes, analyses, interpretations and polemics, which indicate that a meatless diet – and thus animal rights, the relationship between the meat industry and the natural environment, and finally the impact of the meat-based diet on human health – constitutes nowadays one of those socio-political and cultural issues in which many contemporary problems are visible as if through a converging lens.

The Editors invite researchers who wish to focus on the proposed topics from the perspective of cultural, literary, philosophical, sociological and historical studies. The proposed subjects include but are not limited to

  • historical evolutions of vegan/vegetarian discourse
  • veganism/vegetarianism and animal welfare
  • vegan material culture
  • relations between veganism and fashion
  • veganism in world cultures
  • veganism movements
  • historical evolution of attitudes (from a rebel to celebrity)
  • veganism and ecological movements
  • the relationship between veganism and politics
  • the psychological dimension of a meatless diet
  • veganism in art and literature 

Deadline for submitting articles for the 2024 issue: January 31, 2023.

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Guest editor: Marzena Kubisz

Institute of Literary Studies

University of Silesia, Poland

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