Permanent Seminar Iberian Worlds and Early Globalization on 27-V-2022 12:00 (CEST)

Igor Pérez Tostado Announcement
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African History / Studies, Atlantic History / Studies, Early Modern History and Period Studies, Latin American and Caribbean History / Studies, Race / Ethnic Studies


It is a pleasure to announce the next session of the Permanent Seminar "Iberian Worlds and Early Globalization," which will take place in dual modality next Friday, May 27, at 12:00 noon CET.  The session, promoted by the FEDER-UPO-1380997 project, " Género y etnia en el istmo de Panamá, 1500-1700, y en otros ámbitos", and the PAI HUM 1000 group: "History of globalization: violence, negotiation and interculturality," will deal with the topic "Race, marriage and descent: local realities and administrative categories." It will feature the following interventions:

Prof. Dr. Jean-Frédéric Schaub (EHESS, Paris).

«Matrimonio y gestación: dimensiones claves de la historia social y racial en la época moderna»/«Marriage and gestation: Key dimensions of early modern social and racial history» 

Prof. Dr. João Vicente Melo (Area of Early Modern History, UPO)

«Raza, matrimonio y oligarquía: el caso de Luanda en el temprano siglo XVII»/«Race, marriage, and oligarchy: The case of Luanda in the early seventeenth century»

These lectures, followed by a debate, will take place in Ed. 6, Aula de Telepresencia, of the UPO and at  All the information can be found at this link

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