Call for Authors: Key Themes in History - Books on Art, Conspiracy, Revolution

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Call for Papers
June 30, 2022
United Kingdom
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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Asian History / Studies, European History / Studies, Popular Culture Studies, World History / Studies

Call for Authors

Book series Key Themes in History

Series editors: Rachel G. Hoffman and Thoralf Klein

Deadline for proposals: 30 June 2022


The book series, under contract with Brill Germany (imprint: Ferdinand Schöningh), provides a conceptual and accessible introduction to key topics in History. Individual volumes will offer an exploration of individual historical themes (e.g. revolution or art in History) for undergraduate and graduate students alike as well as for the broader public and for scholars interested in the field. Authors are encouraged to treat their subject as inclusively as possible, both in terms of space (beyond Europe and North America, with a global perspective) and time (reconsidering the boundaries between traditionally defined historical epochs). Individual contributions would be c. 50,000-55,000 words (400,000 characters) or 200 printed pages, and illustrations would be welcome to accompany the text.

We are currently inviting proposals on the following themes:

  • Art.
  • Conspiracy and Conspiracy Theory.
  • Revolution.

We encourage proposals from both early career scholars and established researchers. Proposals should include an abstract (up to 500 words) and a detailed CV. They should be submitted to Rachel G. Hoffman ( and Thoralf Klein ( by 30 June 2022. For further information, please also contact the editors.

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Rachel G. Hoffman (

SNRM, King’s College

Cambridge CB2 1ST

United Kingdom


Thoralf Klein (

International Relations, Politics and History

Loughborough University

Loughborough LE11 3TU

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