Meetings with Lobato (language: Portuguese)

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May 25, 2022
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Cultural History / Studies, Humanities, Languages, Literature, Popular Culture Studies

Ricardo Monteiro Lobato, great-grandson of the famous Brazilian writer, translator, publisher, epistolographer and businessman Monteiro Lobato (1882-1948) will be one of our guests. Under the auspicies of the University of São Paulo, this free event will be online next week, in Portuguese language (unfortunately no captions will be available).


Meetings with Lobato

("Encontros com Lobato". Onlive event only in Portuguese language)

XIII Meeting

May 25, 2022

14h00 - 16h00 - Time of Brasilia (GMT -3)


Interview with Ricardo Monteiro Lobato, Andréia Sanchez and Enzo Gandin


Youtube channel from the Faculty of Philosophy, Letters and Human Sciences, University of São Paulo (FFLCH-USP):


Ricardo Monteiro Lobato, besides carrying his great-grandfather's surname, has been a businessman for over 30 years. And it was precisely the books that brought Ricardo closer to his new life purpose. A book donation made to a social project led him to embrace his mission to carry on the entire legacy of Monteiro Lobato through "Viva Lobato", a project dedicated to keeping the memory and work of José Bento Monteiro Lobato alive. Ricardo recently released his first children's book "Emilia and Viscount in: Our friend João de Barro", in co -authorship with his wife and life partner Andréia Sanchez. Andréia has a computing graduate and has been working in technology for 25 years.


Enzo Gandin, former child prodigy child in Literary Studies, at the age of 8 was already interested in the life and work of Monteiro Lobato. Today, at 21, he is completing a degree in Marketing from University of São Paulo and owns the YouTube "SBTeen" channel. Recently, in 2020, he released the a single entitled "Cruel", available on Spotify.



Prof. Dr. John Milton (FFLCH-USP) and Oblob

Dra. Vanete Santana-Dezmann -Oblob

Dr. Silvio Tamaso D'Onofrio - Oblob

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- Free event, with certificate for listeners -


The presence form will open at 14h and closed at 16:15.

Certificates will be sent to participants within 30 days.