Online Lecture Series "(Hyper)Realities of War. Military History at the Museum"

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June 16, 2022 to August 4, 2022
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British History / Studies, East Asian History / Studies, German History / Studies, Military History, Russian or Soviet History / Studies

With a plethora of commemorative services, performances, and exhibitions the centennial of the First World War found its end, but the effects on the museum landscape remain: a renewed interest in military history produced new strategies of display that aim to establish military history museums as an environment where the human condition and current geopolitical developments can be discussed. At the same time, these museums are under constant political pressure and can implement new display strategies only slowly and over a long time due to financial constraints. Some military history museums staunchly resist change and propagate conservative or militaristic narratives, in some cases even state propaganda.

The lecture series discusses various military history exhibitions in western Europe, North America, Russia, and Japan, both historical and contemporary

Established as well as young academics will address the following questions:

How did the military history museum and its modes of display develop historically? How do visitors perceive war exhibitions? How are museums used to disseminate propaganda? What strategies of display are used to represent war?

How to attend:

If you are interested please send an email to Dr. Christopher Sommer, you will be provided with a link to the live stream and an abstract booklet.




16.06.2022, 5pm - 6pm (UTC+2)              

Dr. Christopher Sommer (Universität Oldenburg): Introduction - (Hyper)Realities of War. Military History at the Museum.


23.06.2022, 5pm - 6pm (UTC+2)              

Dr. Jennifer Wellington (University College Dublin): Exhibiting War: The Great War, Museums, and Memory in Britain (tentative title).


30.06.2022, 5pm - 6pm (UTC+2)              

Nora Pauline Berg, M.A. (Universität Würzburg): Means and Goals of German War Exhibitions during the First World War.


07.07.2022, 5pm - 6pm (UTC+2)              

Prof. Christoph Rass and Mirjam Adam (Universität Osnabrück): Conflict Landscapes - The Hürtgen forest  (tentative title).


14.07.2022, 5pm - 6pm (UTC+2)              

Prof. Stephan Jaeger (University of Manitoba): Capturing the Second World War in the Museum: Narrative, Experientiality, Visitors.


21.07.2022, 5pm - 6pm (UTC+2)              

Dr. habil Stefanie Samida (Universität Oldenburg): Den Krieg besuchen und spielen - Schlachtfelder als Erinnerungs- und Erlebnislandschaften.


28.07.2022, 5pm - 6pm (UTC+2)              

Prof. Anton Weiss-Wendt (The Norwegian Center for Holocaust and Minority Studies): Ideologically colored museology in contemporary Russia (tentative title).


04.08.2022, 5pm - 6pm (UTC+2)              

Dr. Rumi Sakamoto (University of Auckland): Exhibiting military history in a “pacifist” nation: Yūshūkan’s affective strategy and visitor responses.

Contact Info: 

Dr. Christopher Sommer

Project lead "Taming War - The representation and perception of war in military history museums"