International Conference Humanities of Migration: Emotion, Culture, and Knowledge

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May 20, 2022 to May 21, 2022
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Anthropology, Asian History / Studies, European History / Studies, Humanities, Philosophy

International Conference

Humanities of Migration: Emotion, Culture, and Knowledge

The Migration Humanities research project at Hansung University holds its first international conference on “Humanities of Migration: Emotion, Culture and Knowledge.” This conference questions the perceptions of migration and mobility as uncontrollable threats, noting that human history is filled with continuous movement. Migration humanities pay attention to the potential of humanities as a useful method of studying migration. This conference has invited eleven distinguished scholars of migration across various disciplines in humanities. They deliver narratives and imaginations about migration in human history and bring us to the bodily, sensible, emotional, and affective experiences of migration in a nuanced and vivid way. We invite you to the symposium of migration humanities in pursuit of diversity and communication.  

HWANG Hae Sung, PhD

Emeritus of Department of Western History 

Director of Migration Humanities Research Project at HanSung University 


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20 May (Fri) 2022 

Session 1 Representing Displacements and Diasporas in the Postwar Culture

Refugees with Guns, Laobing with Phallus: Ghost of Taiwan circa 1949

Sheng-mei Ma | Michigan State University

Migration and Literary Translation and Reception as Political Acts

Krystyna Wieszczek | University of Milan

Session 2 Narratives of Border Crossing


The Migritude Heirs of Negritude: Illustrations from Shailja Patel’s Migritude and Nadifa Mohamed’s Black Mamba Boy

Fella Benabed | Badji Mokhtar-Annaba University

New Movements: Film, Border Crossing, and Dream

Yehuda Sharim | The University of California at Merced

Keynote Address

Migration and the Philosophy of Movement

Thomas Nail | University of Denver

21 May (Sat) 2022 

Session 3 Migrating Cultural Capital


When Home is an Empty Italian Villa in the Philippines: The Semiotics of Consumption of Filipino Domestic Workers in Italy, 1980s-2018

Mina Roces | University of New South Wales

Wealth does endure three generations: Enterprise development and

knowledge innovation in Malaysian Chinese Family Businesses

Lee Kean Yew | University of Malaya

Ethnic Entrepreneurialism in Korea

Kim Jiyoun | Hansung University


Session 4 Negotiating Cultural Identities

Immigration and the Ethics of Culture

Rajesh C. Shukla | Saint Paul University

Being an Alien in neighbor: Surviving Strategies of North Korean Migrant Parents and Children in school

Kim Sung Kyung | University of North Korean Studies

Cultural Identities of Japanese Migrants in Joseon

Lee Kyu Soo | Hitotsubashi University



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