2ND WORKSHOP ON THE EVOLUTION OF THE RETAIL TRADE IN THE 20TH CENTURY - Social, economic and political perspectives.

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September 22, 2016
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Business History / Studies, Contemporary History, Economic History / Studies, European History / Studies, Social Sciences

Social, economic and political perspectives.
22-23 September 2016, Uppsala, Sweden

Fredrik Sandgren, Uppsala University – Tristan Jacques, Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne

In September 2015, a workshop on the evolution of the retail trade in the 20th century was held with success in Paris. It gathered 20 European scholars, and 12 papers were presented under three main themes: Retailers and Consumers; Public Policy and the Retail Industry; Management and Organisation in the Retail Industry. We now want to organize a second round of this workshop in September 2016 in Uppsala. The focus will again be put on the same three overall themes.
At a time of swift change and modernisation in retail sectors across the globe, examining long-term patterns and the drivers of retail change in the last century seems to be very relevant. However, historical studies are still a work in progress and further advances are required. The diffusion of self-service, the growth of discount stores or the availability of access to consumer credit have, for example, been topics somewhat neglected by historians. Inspired by seminars held at the University of Wolverhampton, as well as by the work of Jessen and Langer, and with proven experience from the 2015 workshop, we want to enable researchers from different countries to expand their knowledge of diverse national contexts and to discuss their results with fellow scholars.
Although we will primarily focus on historical perspectives, the study of retail industries is naturally inclined toward an inter-disciplinary approach. We thus encourage contributions from sociologists, jurists, economists, geographers and political scientists. Moreover, no regional boundaries are imposed and papers on other regions than Europe are welcomed. We also encourage any kind of transnational comparisons. Lastly, any work peripheral to retail studies, such as investigations on wholesale, logistics, marketing, advertising or consumerism are also of interest.
-Retailers and consumers: Papers could look at retailer-consumer relations, at marketing strategies, at consumer behaviours or at consumers’ perception and reception of retail innovations.
-Public policy and the retail industry: Papers could study the different aspects of regulation relating to the retail sector, from policy making to its implementation. This encompasses research on national legislation, on local town planning as well as on the role of trade unions and trade associations.
-Management and organisation in the retail industry: Papers could explore innovations and changes in both technology and organisation, either looking at the entire sector or at one particular store or company. This could for example address issues raised by the diffusion of self-service or e-commerce.

Dinner on Thursday, breakfast and lunch on Friday, and accommodations for Thursday night will be met by the organisers. Participants must fund their own transportation costs.
We hope and aspire to see all contributions to the workshop published in a collected volume or a special edition.

If you are interested, send a proposal (1 page max.) and a brief c.v. by February 19th, 2016
Tristan Jacques, jacques.tristan@gmail.com
Fredrik Sandgren, fredrik.sandgren@ekhist.uu.se