CFP: "Port of Call: Archaeologies of Labor and Movement Through Ports" SHA 2023, Lisbon - Due June 30th

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Call for Papers
June 30, 2022
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Archaeology, Atlantic History / Studies, Cultural History / Studies, Early Modern History and Period Studies, Maritime History / Studies

We are inviting papers that pertain in any way to the archaeology of labor and migration in port cities for a symposium during the Society of Historical Archaeology's Annual meeting in 2023, to take place in Lisbon, Portugal. The symposium is temporally and regionally broad, and any interested scholars and students are encouraged to submit directly through the SHA website or to reach out to the organizers and inquire further. 

Symposium CFP: Connecting people across oceans, from rural landscapes to urban hubs, and interiors to coasts, ports play critical roles in the development and maintenance of the vestiges of nation and empire. While connections between ports and economic development are lasting and widespread objects of inquiry - the confluence of terrestrial and watery labor is increasingly embraced as worthy of study. Archaeologies of port labor precipitate visibility, both of those moving through ports and those obscured from other historiographies, but by whose hands these spaces were built and operated. This session brings together diverse perspectives on the archaeologies of labor and movement, both at and through ports from terrestrial and maritime archaeological perspectives, emphasizing the multi-scalar human dimensions in sites that are often discussed in predominantly macro-economic terms.

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