Europe at a Crossroads

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March 9, 2023 to March 10, 2023
Idaho, United States
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Diplomacy and International Relations, Human Rights, Economic History / Studies, European History / Studies, Political Science


Frank Church Symposium 2023

Europe at a Crossroads: Progression or Regression?

March 9-10, 2023

(To be hosted HYBRID - Virtual and In-person)

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The 52nd Annual Frank Church Symposium will be held to discuss the future of Europe through a number of panels and lectures. The schedule will consist of:

  • (1) Keynote Speech
  • (2) Lectures
  • (4) Panels


Panels will address:

  • Politics and Leadership in Europe

    • Topics include recent elections, political movements, ideologies, and the European Union.


  • The Human Toll: War, Migration, and the Future of Europe

    • Topics include refugee movements, global supply chains, weapons usage, and human rights.


  • Energy Dependencies and Transitions

    • Topics include oil & gas supplies, renewable energy futures, and European-Russian energy dependency, US energy reserves politics.


  • Europe and the Global Market
    • Topics include effects of Brexit, global supply chain issues, food security, and inflation.
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