Book Market in Kyrgyzstan: call for roundtable participants

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October 11, 2022
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Cultural History / Studies, Russian or Soviet History / Studies, Area Studies, Languages, Library and Information Science

Academic Studies Press, a multi-lingual US-based publisher, is organizing a roundtable within the framework of the Life in Kyrgyzstan conference, which will take place in Bishkek on October 11-12 this year. We invite academics, publishers and libraries' representatives to discuss the developments of book market and readership in Kyrgyzstan.

Some possible questions for the round table:

- books in which languages are sold in Kyrgyzstan? Is there a need for books in other languages? Is there a demand for translations, and if so, into which languages?

- what is the sales and distribution system for academic literature? What is offered and what do the readers demand?

- which new books (including translations) would libraries be interested in?

If you would be interested in participating (online or offline), please feel free to offer other questions and problems that this roundtable could tackle. Our goal is to put together a panel proposal in the first days of June.

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Contact Info: 

Ekaterina Yanduganova, acquisition associate, Academic Studies Press