Out Now: On_Culture #4 (2017) "Screened Alterities"

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Out Now: On_Culture #4 (Winter 2017) "Screened Alterities"


Dear colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of On_Culture: The Open Journal in the Study of CultureIssue #4 (Winter 2017): "Screened Alterities."


The fourth issue of On_Culture focuses on the concept of "alterity." Guest-edited by Danae Gallo González and Lyubomir Pozharliev, the contributions to this volume offer analyses of the (trans-)
national audiovisual representation of "reality" in the newsreels of 1968 and shed new light on a variety of alterities. The volume features texts by scholars from diverse fields in the humanities and the social sciences and contributes to the broader field of newsreel scholarship by bringing together examples from countries that have generally been excluded from English-language academic literature.


With best wishes,
The Editorial Team


Table of contents


Gallo González, Danae; Pozharliev, Lyubomir: "On Alterities 1968 Newsreels"




Clucas, Tom: "Political Alterity in Pathé’s French and British Newsreel Coverage of the May 1968 Events in Paris"



Gamelas, Inês: "'University is Ill:' Representations of the Italian Student Crisis in 1968 Radar Cinematografica Newsreels"



Nier, Nicola: "Otherness in the Context of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Assassination in Les Actualités Françaises of 1968"



Gallo González, Danae: "Politics and Political Alterity in the Spanish NO-DOs of 1968"



Pozharliev, Lyubomir: "Newsreels from 1968 Communist Bulgaria: The Encompassing Us vs. the Different Them"



Turajlić, Mila: "Re-aligning Yugoslavia: The Construction of Alterity in the Yugoslav Newsreels."




Bachmann-Medick, Doris: "Alterity — A Category of Practice and Analysis. Preliminary Remarks"




Barkóczi, Janka: "Another Twelve Years: Hungarian Newsreels and the Invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968"



Otdelnova, Vera: "Marginality as a Space of Freedom: Some Notes on the Popularity of Naïve Art Among Soviet Painters in the 1960s and 1970s"


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