Multiple Dimensions of Human Security: Prognosis, Challenges and Panacea in a Globalized World

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Security is at the heart of human survival on planet Earth, and an issue of generally recognized importance in all aspects of human existence. Actions aimed at protecting communities, technological systems, infrastructure, health systems, and organizations from possible harm, damage or breach of their integrity means securing them. In an increasingly globalized world, security can no longer be thought of as a zero-sum game involving states alone. Multiple dimensions of security and threats to security abound and heighten the precarity of lives and livelihoods as well as human existence on the earths surface. The unsettling of a nations security apparatus and the outbreak of full-blown crises has created new opportunities for terror, insurgents and criminal groups to thrive and expand. Health security in particular is an issue in the front burner in international development discourse. For example, the outbreak and spread of diseases such as Ebola in Africa (2014-2016), COVID-19 (2019 to date) and other epidemics represent serious threats to health security on the continent. A case can also be made for other dimensions of security in a globalized world. Thus, innovative thinking and practical approaches are required in todays world to overcome these multiple security challenges.
In the light of the above, the University of Nigeria, Nsukka is organizing her 2nd Annual Multidisciplinary International Conference that will bring together researchers, policy makers, multilateral development agencies, Industry Practitioners, security agencies, Government MDAs, NGOs and other development actors across the world to explore the theme: Multiple Dimensions of Human Security:  Prognosis, Challenges and Panacea in a Globalized World.

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