What is at stake in producing anthologies of historical writing? Reflections and Perspectives on un Uncommon Genre : a Workshop on African-American history and historiography, and book history, open to all lovers of anthologies

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May 23, 2018
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African American History / Studies, Black History / Studies, Intellectual History, Library and Information Science

Professors Parfait and Rossignol (and a number of other French contributors) will release an on-line anthology of African-American historians from William Wells Brown to John Hope Franklin in the spring of 2018. This workshop is an opportunity for them to discuss what is stake in launching an anthology of historical writing with other scholars, specialists of African-American historians or book historians. For a brief presentation of the anthology, see : https://hdlm.hypotheses.org/anthologie

Though literary anthologies are rife, such is not the case with historical writing. History students are recommended to read "innovative" and thus recent work while only a very small number of books by past historians are re-published. Why should we treasure the work of past historians? Is it simply a way to assess the construction and evolution of the discipline? A way to criticize a positivistic view of the discipline? Or when we highlight the case of black historians, who were often ignored by the white academia, is it a way to protest the biased way in which knowlege has been constructed in the past, and a plea for a more inclusive understanding of our past in order to enrich the present? The workshop will also focus on book history aspects of anthologies (readers and readership, commercial context, editorial choices, similarities and differences with literary anthologies, use of anthologies). A full description of the panel will be found on the AFEA website in January.

Proposals + one-page resume must be sent to Professor Rossignol (see email further down) by January 15, 2018. 

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The workshop is organized by Professor Claire Parfait (University Paris 13) and Professor Marie-Jeanne Rossignol (University Paris Diderot) and will take place during the French American Studies conference held in Nice.


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