CALL OUT FOR PAPERS: Postgraduate Forum Sentient Performativities: Thinking Alongside the Human

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June 29, 2022 to June 30, 2022
United Kingdom
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Anthropology, Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Environmental History / Studies, Philosophy, Theatre & Performance History / Studies
This CALL OUT is to postgraduate students from diverse disciplines to share their practices and research with a rich and diverse group of postgraduate peers over one and a half days at Dartington as well as online. 
We invite short presentations, performances and films to be presented over 29th & 30th June 2022 at Dartington Hall estate & online. 
The 2022 postgraduate forum investigates the role of somatic practices and how they can foster embodied ecological awareness and communication between the human and other than human worlds. It seeks to bring together multiple fields of thought, practice and research that share embodied approaches that bridge the human, plant and animal divide. We ask what are those emerging forms of ecological somatic practices as critical tools to re-gain ecological futures - acts of care, resistance, de-colonisation and reconnection. How can we bring a felt awareness of our organismic entanglement and planetary belonging into dialogue with critical understandings of our cultural-political and socio-economic contexts ? How can this offer new modes of thinking, perceiving and of being-with, necessary for an embodied planetary citizenship and stewardship ? 
This broad reach into embodiment and somatic-informed practices seems increasingly essential in view of the growing schism between the human and natural worlds We invite you to articulate the emergence of new practices, we are interested to both highlight as well as de-centre somatic work from dance and movement disciplines to see how an embodied approach is reaching into other practices. This forum seeks to brings together different voices from dance, performance and movement research as well as those who practice the somatic in their work with plants, be they small or large scale farmers, permaculturists, herbalists, ecologists or gardeners. In the same way we wish to highlight the physical communication between human and animal and embrace practices with animals where the interspecies communication reaches beyond the reading of body language, but extends into felt experience of the animal body. 

This Forum seeks delicate antidotes to an increasing dis-embodiment and apathy towards the aliveness of the other than human world. We propose that eco-somatic practices can contribute towards the cultivation of sensorial capacities that assist our awareness of how we co-evolve within expressive ecologies and that what happens to our environments is inevitably and inexorably happening to us.
We are interested in your thoughts on how the somatic and embodied is informing new areas within academia, within the arts, crafts, within activism, the sciences and other practices and research. 
We invite you to explore with us new embodied dialogues between disciplines, opening up boundaries, questioning and learning how somatic-informed practices can offer more intimacy in relating to ourselves and to other species, and looking at how this can inform new practices and modes of relationship at large. 
The postgraduate forum theme aligns and dove tails a longer in depth symposium, read more about it here: Sentient Performativities
This year’s forum is convened by in partnership with 3 exciting academic institutions: The Dartington Arts School, Schumacher College & Bath Spa University - in particular the Research Centre for Environmental Humanities (RCEH) and The Creative Corporealties Research Group ( CCRG) at Bath Spa. 
Together these four institutions embody unique positioning and teachings about ecology, arts and movement practice, imagination, environment, humanities, design and holistic science. The forum is co-facilitated by the MA Movement Mind & Ecology of Schumacher College.
Together we will be looking at this years core questions, celebrate students diverse practices & offer valuable networking opportunities. Our partner Institutions will introduce themselves and their courses and address what lies at the heart of their unique educational offering. 
More Info & How to apply: Here 
Deadline for submissions is Friday 22th May 2022
Notification of accepted proposals: 30th May 2022
Thank You & we hope to Welcome many of you to Dartington soon!
Please circulate to your students & networks.  
MA Movement Mind & Ecology 
Schumacher College
Dartington ARTS School
Bath Spa University 
 With special thanks to Thomas Kampe & students of Movement Mind & Ecology. 
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