UCSIA Summer School 'Religion, Mobility & Economy'

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Summer Program
August 28, 2022 to September 2, 2022
Subject Fields: 
Anthropology, Religious Studies and Theology, Sociology, Social Sciences, Political Science

The UCSIA Summer School 2022 is the third and final offering in a three-year cycle that has focused so far on the impact of mobility on global religious landscapes. The UCSIA Summer School is a one-week interdisciplinary mentoring programme that encourages doctoral and postdoctoral students to explore relations between religion, culture, politics, and economy in fresh, innovative ways.

Key elements of the summer school are the discussion of theoretical frameworks through expert lectures and the mentoring of young scholars in the fields of humanities and social sciences. The programme consists of lectures and individual tutoring by the faculty, paper presentations by the students and disciplinary discussion sessions. This year’s guest lecturers are Jayeel Cornelio (Associate Professor and Director of the Development Studies Program, Ateneo de Manila University), David Henig (Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology, Utrecht University) and Angie Heo (Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Sociology of Religion, Divinity School University of Chicago).

The UCSIA Summer School is free of charge and takes place in the last week of August (28 August – 2 September 2022) in the beautiful historical building Hof van Liere at the city campus of the University of Antwerp (Antwerp, Belgium). Applications can be submitted until 25 May 2022 via www.ucsia-summerschool.org.

For this upcoming summer of 2022, the school will focus on ‘Religion, Mobility & Economy’ and thus continue engaging theories and practices of mobility to better understand how various religious traditions and movements circulate and operate in the world. Mobility has long defined religious traditions and their vital presence in our contemporary world. This one-week summer school will focus on the diversity of religions on the move and economic transformation. We welcome papers based on original research that examine these themes from a variety of disciplines including anthropology, history, sociology, political science, and theology.

Papers may address, but are not limited to the following questions: 

  • What defines a religion and its boundaries? When religions are on the move, where do we locate its forms and expressions (e.g. its theological contents or its material elements)? What characterizes religious transformations like conversions, revivals, or disavowals of religion?

  • What is the relationship between religious mobility and economic transformation? What institutions, secular and spiritual alike, shape the migration and circulation of religions? How do the sacred geographies associated with traditions intersect with neoliberalism, marketization, and globalization?

  • What are the global, transnational, and transregional aspects of religion? How do flows of capital and labour, as well as older routes of trade, shape religious growth and decline? What influences do these flows have on religious beliefs and practices? What histories of colonialism and/or socialism impact the ways religions disseminate and relocate? 

  • How does theology engage economic transformations? Do religious responses matter in times of economic growth? Or are they relevant only in times of crisis? What theological reflections accompany the crises of mobility in the (post-)pandemic period?

The annual UCSIA Summer School is organized by the University Centre Saint-Ignatius Antwerp (UCSIA), an offspring of the former Jesuit institution for higher education UFSIA. It is an independent non-profit organization founded by the Jesuit Order and members of the former UFSIA with the aim of continuing the Jesuit university project in Antwerp and contributing to a more just society through education, community service and academic research.

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