The discovery of ancient Greece and Rome in the Renaissance (seminar series: April–June 2022)

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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Classical Studies, Cultural History / Studies, Early Modern History and Period Studies, History of Science, Medicine, and Technology
Below is the programme of a seminar series titled The discovery of ancient Greece and Rome in the Renaissance. You are most welcome to join us either in person or online (details below). Every week we are circulating additional information about the upcoming session (e.g. an abstract, a handout, a list of passages, and/or some offprints) by email. If you would like to receive these emails please sign up here  (Please note: we cannot provide information about specific sessions; the form only allows to sign up for the whole series.)
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Laura Banella and Gabriele Rota
The discovery of ancient Greece and Rome in the Renaissance
Trinity Term (April-June) 2022
a seminar series organised by Laura Banella (Wolfson College) and Gabriele Rota (The Queen’s College)
in partnership with the Centre for Manuscript and Text Cultures (CMTC) at Queen’s
In person: The Queen’s College (Oxford), Lecture Room B
Online: at this Zoom link
All meetings take place at 5,15–6,45pm (UK time)
PLEASE NOTE: the sessions on Thursday 19th and 26th May are ONLINE ONLY. We are not meeting in person at Queen’s as the speakers are joining us remotely. To avoid a clash with the Bank Holiday weekend the session in Week 6 will be on TUESDAY 31st May.
Week 1: Thursday 28th April
Rino Modonutti (University of Padua)
‘Roman Epigraphs and Coins at the Dawn of Humanism’
Week 2: Thursday 5th May
Adam Dumbleton (Trinity College, Cambridge)
‘Who Interprets the Interpreters? Authority, scepticism, and the practical use of humanist commentaries in some early modern translations of Boethius and Claudian’
Week 3: there will be no seminar in Week 3, but you are warmly invited to join us (in person and online) for the CMTC festival on Wednesday 11th and Thursday 12th May. For further information see the sign-up form at this link
Week 4: Thursday 19th May (ONLINE ONLY)
Ingrid De Smet (University of Warwick) 
‘Isaac Casaubon the Tacitean. Editorial strategies and military tactics from Polyaenus (1589) to Aeneas Tacitus (1609)’
Week 5: Thursday 26th May (ONLINE ONLY)
Mark Davie (University of Exeter)
‘If Aristotle Had Had a Telescope. Galileo and the Aristotelians’
Week 6: TUESDAY 31st May
Martin McLaughlin (Magdalen College, Oxford)
‘Leon Battista Alberti and the Discovery of Ancient Greece and Rome’
Week 7: Thursday 9th June
Melinda Letts (Jesus College, Oxford)
Vtrum aliqua nota uulgoarti medicinali addenda sint: Taddeo Alderotti and the limits of medical knowledge’
Week 8: Thursday 16th June
Nigel Wilson (Lincoln College, Oxford)
‘The Aldine Editions of Greek Texts. Some fresh considerations’
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