CFP ‘Performing Resilience: Re-embodying Wellbeing, Agency and Creative Communities in Higher Education’

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Call for Papers
May 18, 2022
United Kingdom
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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Teaching and Learning, Theatre & Performance History / Studies, Women's & Gender History / Studies, Humanities


A call for presentations:

‘Performing Resilience: Re-embodying Wellbeing, Agency and Creative Communities in Higher Education’

 One-day Online Symposium 16/07/2022

Hosted by The Creative Corporealities Research Group (CCRG) of Bath Spa University in collaboration with Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance

Convenors: Prof. Thomas Kampe (Bath Spa University), Phaedra Petsilas ( Head of Studies, Rambert) & Jackie Adkins (Bath Spa University, Feldenkrais Guild UK)

This one-day symposium aims to generate some understanding how performing arts pedagogies can offer bio-psycho-social tools for resilience development for students and staff in HE, and how models of existing good practice can be transferred and applied in educational contexts beyond the field.   It responds to recent recommendations for ‘being proactive in creating the conditions for the development of student resilience’, and for ‘resilience to be investigated seriously as a matter of urgency within the HE sector in light of increasing concern about student mental wellbeing’ (UNITE McIntosh & Shaw 2017).  There has been a growing crisis of wellbeing amongst students and staff in HE in the UK. This has been increased through working- and learning-conditions determined by the Covid 19 pandemic, growing economic insecurity, and anxieties of a neoliberal culture of individualism, commodification and digitalisation of education in the context of global ecological and cultural crises. How do we re-imagine and re-articulate the role of higher education beyond job training provision towards a holistic meaningful act of cultural resilience?

Performing arts, dance and somatic practices have a history of claiming and articulating their teaching & learning method as transformative pedagogies and agents of change. How can we embed resilience education in our curricula to develop a sustainable culture of care amongst students and staff? How can embodied, experiential, & community oriented performing arts pedagogies form resources for resilience training?  How do we question and decentralise dominant western neo-liberal models of hyper-individualisation, and learn from critical, post-humanist and non-western pedagogical models?

This one-day symposium invites pedagogues, scholars, artists and students to share their insights and practices through traditional academic presentations & papers, practical workshops, artworks, films, provocations, round table discussions and debate.

 We invite contributions embracing trans-disciplinary critical and intersectional discourses, including feminist, de-colonial, gender, ability, identity, queer, ecology, post-humanist & embodied /enactive cognitive science discourses. These might topics such as Cultural Resilience; Somatic & Embodiment and Resilience; Resilience and Creativity; Resilience & Critical Thinking; Performance and Resiliency. 

Confirmed Participants:

Dr. Funmi Adewole (Dance Practitioner & Researcher; Lecturer De Montfort University, UK)

Dr. Oladele Ayorinde (‘THInK’ -Transforming the Humanities through Interdisciplinary Knowledge - Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of the Witwatersrand (Wits), Johannesburg, SA. Research Fellow of the Africa Open Institute for Music, Research and Innovation (AOI), Stellenbosch University, Cape Town, SA. He is currently the Argelander Music Fellow and Lecturer at the Department of Musicology/Sound Studies, University of Bonn,DE.)

Prof. Carol Brown  (Choreographer; Head of VCA Dance at the University of Melbourne, AU)

Dr. Penny Hay (Reader in Creative Teaching & Learning, Bath Spa University; Director of Research, House of Imagination, UK)

Prof. Petra Kuppers (Performance Artist & Disability Activist; Professor of English, Art and Design, Theatre and Drama, Women’s Studies, University of Michigan, US )

Dr. Jennifer Roche (Dance Artist; Course Director MA in Dance Performance Irish World Academy Of Music & Dance, University of Limerick, IE)

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Deadline for submissions: 18/05/2022

Notification of accepted proposals 06/06/2022

Presenter administration fee for participants: £ 20

Formats can include 20 min academic presentations, 1 hour panel discussions, 1.5 hour workshops; alternative formats  can vary in length. We welcome collaborative proposals, and work that embraces and forwards student voices and experiences.

Send a 250 word abstract and a 150 word long biography to



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 Professor Thomas Kampe ,  Bath School for Music and Performing Arts , Bath Spa University, UK

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