Cajun-Acadian WWII Commemoration: A Salute to French-Speaking Veterans

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April 27, 2022
Louisiana, United States
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During World War II, Allied French-speaking servicemembers utilized their bilingual abilities throughout Europe, with the largest contingent of French-speaking servicemembers coming from south Louisiana and the Canadian maritime provinces. Cajuns and Acadians grew up speaking French as their native language and learned English later on in school. Although many were ridiculed, their ability to speak French proved invaluable to the Allied efforts overseas. These home-grown interpreters—often nicknamed “Frenchies”—provided valuable liaison between their units and the local French-speaking population, especially those in the French Resistance. Join The National WWII Museum and the Consulate General of Canada as we salute the last living French-speaking World War II veterans from Canada and south Louisiana. Dr. Jason Theriot will lead an interview session with Cajun WWII veterans who served as interpreters in Europe. Link to event:

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Contact the National World War II Museum for tickets.