Fourth International Symposium – The Latest Results of American Studies

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September 7, 2022 to September 9, 2022
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Archaeology, Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, Indigenous Studies, Latin American and Caribbean History / Studies, Native American History / Studies

About the Symposium

We would like to invite scholars, PhD students, and people interested in the past of the New World to an international symposium, organized by the Branch of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Wrocław (Archaeological Commission) and the Institute of Archaeology of the University of Wrocław, in strict cooperation with Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Wrocław. Fourth International Symposium – The Latest Results of American Studies is the next edition of the scientific Americanist Symposium, held cyclically within the historic capital of Lower Silesia in Poland since 2013 (2013, 2016, 2019, 2022).

The main issue of the Symposium will concern the results of the latest research in the fields of archaeological sciences, art history, cultural and physical anthropology, landscape studies, as well as history of the Americas, and their significance for understanding the evolution of pre-Columbian or colonial societies of that macro-region. At the same time, not only the results of the conducted research will be discussed, but also a discussion on the research methods and the manners of commercialization of scientific results on the international arena will be carried out. The research priorities of world Americanist studies for the next few years will also be defined and new research concepts emerging in the scientific discourse will be discussed.

One of the main issues discussed during the Symposium will be environmental and climate changes, and their impact on the development of prehistoric communities and contemporary inhabitants of both Americas, as well as the issue of anthropopressure. In this context, the issue of intensifying interdisciplinary research will be raised. This mainly concerns the use of the latest achievements in the field of physio-chemical, medical, biological, and botanical sciences. Based on their own research results, the speakers will also present experiences in the field of non-invasive research and the possibility of using the newest technological achievements in the field of research in hard-to-reach areas.

At the same time, we plan to organize a discussion regarding broadly understood Pre-Columbian heritage, its social context and methodological aspects. Therefore, we cordially invite you to submit papers related to the issue of public archaeology, heritage conservation, post-colonialism and indigenous archaeology within the both Americas.

The meeting will enable the exchange of experiences between various research institutions and  will offer an excellent opportunity for a discussion on diverse aspects of American studies. Undoubtedly the meeting also contributes to the establishment of contacts between institutions and integration among researchers from different countries.

Fourth International Symposium The Latest Results of American Studies will be held from 7th to 9th of September 2022 in Wrocław. The conference venue will be the Institute of History of the University of Wrocław, which is one of the oldest and largest academic centres in Poland.


There are two ways to register for the Fourth International Symposium The Latest Results of American Studies

1.     filling in the registration form available in the link below


2.     filling in the registration form attached below and sending it to the Symposium e-mail address [].

The presentation is accepted in a form of a lecture (presentation) or a poster. The length of each presentation may not exceed 15 minutes. Chairs of the session will advise you when you have 3 minutes and 1 minute remaining. Posters should not exceed three boards of a maximum A1 size. Presentation/poster should be prepared in English or Spanish.

Registration form should be submitted by an e-mail or google form until June 15, 2022. Applicants will be informed if their presentation/poster is accepted until July 1, 2022.

The conference fee is 40 EUR (200 PLN) per lecturer or 20 EUR (100 PLN) per students and PhD candidates. The conference fee indicated is the fee per participant present at the Symposium and should be paid until July 31, 2022. The fee contains conference materials, refreshments, coffee breaks and banquet that will take place on September 8, 2022.

The Organizing Committee offers comprehensive assistance in dealing with all formalities. If you are dealing with any troubles, doubts or ambiguities – please do not hesitate to contact with us!


Scientific Committee


Prof. Józef Szykulski, University of Wroclaw


Prof. Bogusław Gediga, Polish Academy of Sciences

Prof. Sławomir Moździoch, Polish Academy of Sciences

Prof. Jerzy Piekalski, University of Wroclaw

Prof. Enrique Bautista Quijano, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Prof. Jarosław Źrałka, Jagiellonian University


Organising Committee


Dr Jakub Wanot, University of Wroclaw


Agata Banas, University of Wroclaw

Cynthia Vargas Correa, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

Paulina Kaczyńska, University of Wroclaw

Barbara Krukiewicz, University of Wroclaw

Luis Díaz Rodríguez, Universidad Católica de Santa María



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