In Conversation: Worlding the South

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In Conversation: Porscha Fermanis, Sarah Comyn, and Robert Aguirre
June 2, 2022

Join editors Porscha Fermanis and Sarah Comyn as they discuss their new book, Worlding the South: Nineteenth-Century Literary Culture and the Southern Settler Colonies, with Robert Aguirre. "This collection brings together for the first time literary studies of British colonies in nineteenth-century Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, and the South Pacific Islands. Drawing on hemispheric studies, Indigenous studies, and southern theory to decentre British and other European metropoles, the collection offers a groundbreaking challenge to national paradigms and traditional literary periodisations and canons by prioritising southern cultural networks in multiple regional centres from Cape Town to Dunedin. Worlding the South examines the dialectics of literary worldedness in ways that recognise inequalities of power, textual and material violence, and literary and cultural resistance. The collection revises current literary histories of the ‘British world’ by arguing for the distinctiveness of settler colonialism in the southern hemisphere, and by incorporating Indigenous, diasporic, and south-south perspectives." Sponsored by the Society for Global Nineteenth-Century Studies (

Robert Aguirre is Professor of English and Dean of Arts and Letters at James Madison University.
Sarah Comyn is Assistant Professor and Ad Astra Fellow at University College Dublin.
Porscha Fermanis is Professor of Romantic Literature at University College Dublin.


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