Call for Research Proposals on Gender Equity in Academia

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June 22, 2022
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Labor History / Studies, Sociology, Women's & Gender History / Studies, Law and Legal History, Economic History / Studies

Call for Research Proposals on Gender Equity in Academia

The term “gender equity” represents the aspiration for a society in which the conduct of institutions, agencies, and individuals reflect acknowledgment of the historical inequality between men and women; a society committed to determined, informed action to eradicate this inequality. “Gender equity” in organizational contexts is the establishment of an ongoing process designed to promote gender equality between men and women in the organization.

In academia, the percentage of women holding senior positions and serving in key decision-making positions is still significantly lower than that of men. Also, the number of women who have reached the highest academic level - a Full Professor - is significantly lower than that of men. Relevant findings also imply that obstacles to gender equity are present in academia. Some of them are the traditional academic ethos, the old and new models of academic governance, and specific issues related to the representation of women in the certain disciplines.


The Forum for Gender, Law and Policy at the Faculty of Law at The University of Haifa invites submissions of research proposals focusing on empirical analyses and/or theoretical/conceptual research on gender equity in the academia. We invite proposals from scholars from all disciplines, including law, gender studies, sociology, labor studies, education, economics, management, business administration, human resource management, organizational development, cultural studies and any other related area. We welcome a variety of disciplinary perspectives in the humanities and social sciences, as well as in interdisciplinary, intersectional and critical approaches.


Submissions related, but not limited, to the following areas and topics are welcome:

  • The future of gender equality: The pipeline model vs. the glass ceiling model
  • Unique barriers that inhibit the implementation of gender equity programs in academia
  • Strategies developed across the world to promote gender equity progression
  • The under representation of women in STEM in academia
  • Gender bias in the promotion process
  • Gender equity and diversity: competing or complementing goals?
  • Initiatives to design a gender and family-supportive work environment
  • Monitoring – A key tool for promoting gender equity
  • Gendered preferences at an early age as affecting choice of fields of study at the university
  • Exclusion practices in academia
  • Reflection of gender aspects in seemingly "neutral" norms
  • The role of the social justice model and the economic model in designing a policy of gender equity
  • The effects of economic and institutional incentives on encouraging gender equality in academia
  • The implications of integrating gender perspectives in research contents and research methods
  • Historical analysis of gender equity in academia
  • Analysis of gender equity from the perspective of organizational culture research
  • Managing gender equity in academic organizations


The research paper must include concrete policy recommendations.

Grant amounts: up to NIS 6,000 (2000$)

 The grant can be used to cover the costs of research activities such as hiring research assistants, conducting empirical research, translations, editing, preparation and distribution of questionnaires, interview transcripts, and statistical consultation.

Grant Period: July 2022 to September 2023

To apply, e-mail

Application deadline: 22.6.2022


The application must include the following components:

  • Description of the research topic, the purpose of the research, the methodology, and the expected research contribution (up to three pages).
  • Estimated schedule and budget
  • Resume and list of publications


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Shlomit Feldman
Academic coordinator
The Forum for Gender, Law and Policy
The Faculty of Law at the University of Haifa