Cultural Approaches to Education - 2022

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November 15, 2022
United Arab Emirates
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Middle East History / Studies, Area Studies, Asian History / Studies, Colonial and Post-Colonial History / Studies, Cultural History / Studies

Cultural Approaches to Education - 2022

This is a virtual education conference strand call from Zayed University, UAE, seeks to explore how culture, place and history inform education internationally today.


Strand: Creative Economies – Connecting the academy to creative industries. Patr of the Transformatove Teachinmg project with Routledge.

Conference: 15-17 November 2022

Place: Virtual

Abstract deadline: 30 June 2022 (Round 1)

Nb. 05 October 2022 (Round 2 - abstracts)


Full list of orgnaisers: Zayed University with the University of Dundee, Florida State University,  Amps and Routledge




In several regions around the globe, the role of creativity in industry and practice can be underappreciated. Although great strides are being made by local institutions and organizations to increase awareness, the development of the creative economy through art, design and the humanities is still emerging. Often related to this issue, are questions of culturally sensitivity. At the same time that we seek to ‘decolonize’ the curriculum, we also seek to open the eyes of students to new directions in their chosen fields from a variety of international and local perspectives.

When it comes to fostering creativity and creative industries, this can involve a range of challenges: making the case to university department heads and upper administration; justifying the arts as an educational choice to parents; or championing innovative paths in design education to the benefit of students. In some cases, it can mean challenging student mindsets, whether by showing them case studies or finding alternative methods of communication. These questions can be place specific, with learners themselves resisting new approaches, or deeming them as too ‘indigenous’ or too ‘culturally aware’ based on their own experience and traditions.

Creative Economies – Connecting the academy to creative industries explores these questions.


Publications include:

- A Proceedings Series publication, ISSN 2398-9467

- An Amps journal Special Issue, ISSN 2020-9006

- A book as part of the Routledge series ‘A Focus on Pedagogy’


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Lina Ahmed, Cindee Hogan, Marco Sosa, Peter Blake