Technology-based and Technology-generated decisions. 49th Symposium of the International Committee for the History of Technology 2022 (online)

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History of Science, Medicine, and Technology, Environmental History / Studies, Economic History / Studies

The International Committee for the History of Technology’s 49th Symposium is hosted by the University of Ostrava, Czech Republic. Since it will take place online it is scheduled in two slots: 24th – 25th September and 15th – 16th October 2022.

The general theme is “Technology-based and Technology-generated decisions”. Whereas technology-based decisions have a long history, technology-generated decisions of so-called artificial intelligence, AI, are on the horizon since the turn of the 21st century and might gain decisive influence within the next years. Which decisions we are willing to hand over to technology? How to define ethical guidelines for this development? The symposium aims to contribute to this discussion, based on a transnational perspective of the history of technology.

The deadline for proposals is Saturday, 30 April 2022.


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