CfP: Inaugural H-net Teaching History Conference via Zoom week of Aug 29, 2022

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Call for Papers
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Teaching and Learning, Humanities, History Education

H-Net is an international interdisciplinary organization of scholars and teachers. Since our creation almost 30 years ago, our networks have built many resources designed to support research and teaching of history, humanities, and social sciences. In August 2022, H-Net will host an online conference on teaching which we hope will be the first among many more such events.


Our theme for this inaugural conference is: “Uncharted Territories: Teaching History, Humanities, and Social Sciences in Innovative Ways” will resonate with teachers at all levels of the educational system and especially in  history and related fields in  the humanities  and social sciences.  In an era when educators  are under assault as for teaching of Critical Race Theory, hit with top down models of assessment, confined in curricular development by book bans, and forced to to redesign courses for remote work during the pandemic,  this conference will be a gathering to learn ways to chart through the changes and  discuss the challenges teachers face in the classroom and face threats to academic freedom. The outcomes will include resources for faculty development.


We welcome individual, panel, and roundtable proposals on any and all aspects of teaching, including theories and methodologies, remote and hybrid learning, content and delivery, as well as combining research interests into the classroom for first-year students and non-majors. We also encourage teachers with unique classroom experiences or teaching methodologies to submit proposals for workshops to present their approach to teaching.


The conference will be held in a digital format spread over the evenings (US central time zone) of the week of August 29 to allow those teachers who are already in the classroom an opportunity to participate. The sessions will be recorded and available on the H-Net Commons after the event.


All proposals should include a title, CVs, and email addresses for all presenters, and abstracts of no more than 200 words. Submissions are encouraged to focus on any of the following themes:

  1. The challenges and strategies for teaching history and related subjects in “Uncharted Territories.”
  2. Teaching specific historical eras, topics, or themes with a particular emphasis on topics that could be considered controversial.
  3. How to navigate the politics of topics in our contemporary political environment, such as CRT, Black Lives Matter, anti-semitism, anti-AAPI, reproductive rights, etc. 
  4. Recommendations for specific strategies for success despite contemporary challenges.


Please email a submission to H-Net Teaching Conference Committee at by May 27, 2022.


In the spirit of H-Net’s Open Source beliefs, the conference will be free and open to all.