【Updated】CALL FOR CHAPTERS Mapping Global Inequalities: Major Reference Work Series Volume 1- 10

Rajendra Baikady PhD Announcement
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Social Work, Social Sciences, Sociology, Teaching and Learning, Public Policy


Mapping Global Inequalities: Major Reference Work Series Volume 1- 10

Series Editors-in-Chief:

Rajendra Baikady Ph.D.FRSA, Department of Social Work, School of Humanities, University of Johannesburg, South Africa

Email: rajendra.baikady@mail.huji.ac.il

Jaroslaw Przeperski Ph.D., Director, Centre for Family Research, Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, Poland

Email: jprzeperski@umk.pl

Dear colleagues

We invite you to take part in one of the largest editorial projects on Inequality - Mapping Global Inequality - Major Reference Work Book Series being published by Springer Nature, United States. The Series consists of several volumes, but we will publish an individual call for contribution for each volume separately. If you wish to be informed about the call for authors, please follow the project at https://www.researchgate.net/project/Mapping-Global-Inequality-Major-Reference-Work-Book-Series-by-Springer-United-States

In this call for contribution, we are particularly seeking authors for the following volumes ( please click on the title or link below each title for more details):

Volume I

Concepts and Theories- Baikady., R, Przeperski., J & Berberoglu.,B


Volume  II

Collaboration, Partnership and Advocacy- Reduced Inequality- Baikady., R, Przeperski., J & Toros., K                     


Volume III

Educational Inequality- Baikady., R, Przeperski., J & Rihter., L


Volume IV

Inequality and Young Lives- Baikady., R, Przeperski., J & Toros., K


Volume V

Racial and Ethnic Inequality- Baikady., R, Przeperski., J &  Sampath., R


Volume VI

Digital Inequality- Baikady., R, Przeperski., J & Semigina., T


Volume VII

Inequality and Aging- Baikady., R, Przeperski., J &  Rihter., L


Volume VIII

Inequality of Opportunities- Baikady., R, Przeperski., J & Quilodran., C.R


Volume IX

Gender Inequality- Baikady., R, Semigina., T & Cutajar., J


Volume X

Economic Inequality- Baikady., R, Przeperski., J & Berberoglu., B


The size of each chapter that we are expecting will be circa 8000-10,000 words (including the
reference list). We are inviting the chapters, that are critical summaries/synopses (Tertiary literature)  rather than original research reports.

We are accepting contributions on a rolling basis and writing and reviewing is scheduled to take place until approximately July 2026 and final proofing between then and the end of the year. The sooner you submit your chapter the sooner it will be published online and citable. Contributions to all the volumes in this series are peer-reviewed by external experts and volume editors. 

Interested authors please send a 250 words abstract and author bio to Dr. Rajendra Baikady at rajendra.baikady@mail.huji.ac.il or rajendrab@uj.ac.za.  In this round of the project, we are aiming for a maximum of 50 chapters in each of these 10 volumes, hence we will evaluate and accept abstracts/ EI on a first come first basis. Abstract submitted on or before 30th May 2022 will get full consideration. Full chapter Submission deadlines to be agreed between authors and the editorial team within the confines of the dates outlined in the submission schedule found in each document.

Contact Information

Dr. Rajendra Baikady, Department of Social Work and Community Development University of Johannesburg, South Africa


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