[CFP] intense interiors | 2023 Architecture & Film Symposium | 5/6 & 7/23 X [Ryerson] University, Toronto, CA

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Ontario, Canada
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Architecture and Architectural History, Film and Film History, Public Health, Urban History / Studies, Women's & Gender History / Studies

intense interiors



X [Ryerson] University, Toronto, CA | May 6 & 7, 2023www.architectureandfilm.org



In its third season, the 2023 Architecture & Film Symposium will shine its cinematic light on intense interiors. It will concurrently expand inwards and outwards from the interior, the buildings to the cities’ streets and urban conditions – while aligning with a heightened awareness of the users of these spaces.

Todd Haynes’ 1995 film Safe, Jose Saramago’s 1995 book, Blindness and later 2008 film and the 1966 book by Harry Harrison, Make Room! Make Room! later adapted into a film in 1973, Soylent Green is part of this years’ symposium selections.

The provocation of Hesitancy + Attunements + Forensics creates a forum to present new academic and creative scholarship in film, interiors, and architecture and extends to our allied fields in disability studies, public health, urban studies, and engineering. The selected films and provocation themes welcome work addressing historical, theoretical, realized and speculative projects while inviting critical and creative discourse in design theory, pedagogy and practice. The peer-reviewed intense interiors symposium aims to expand filmic interiorities and develop new conversations. 

Intense Interiors seeks submissions that capture a range of topics and put forth questions to examine the following (but are not limited to):

1.     Atmospheres of the Interior (e.g., indoor air quality, toxins, pathogens, radiation and chemicals)

2.     Domestic Interiors, Domestic Goods, Women as Domestic Objects

3.     Epidemic, Pandemic and Forensic Interiors and Architecture

4.     Feminine Interiors, Feminist-Queer Interiors, Gender Studies and Sexuality, Intersectional Identity and Histories

5.     Institutional Architectural Interiors and Vulnerable Persons (e.g., long-term care, hospital, ICU, safety and support)

6.     Interiority and Emotion

7.     Proxemics, Personal Space, Territoriality, Urban and Architectural Cinematic Spaces

8.     Risk Perception, Cultural Theory of Risk and Sacred Contagion

9.     Rooms (Safe Place, Safe Room, Panic Room, Quarantine Room, Storm Cellar, Bunker, Merkhav Mugan)

10. Visible and Invisible (dis)abilities.



February 15, 2022:              Call for Papers

November 21, 2022:            Submission Deadline (AoE)

February 6, 2023:                Notifications to Authors

March 20, 2023:                  Symposium Registration Deadline

March 20, 2023:                  Final Revised Submissions Due

May 6 + 7, 2023:                 Symposium Dates, X [Ryerson] University, Toronto, CA 



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