H-Net This Week (Roundup from around the Commons for the week of October 27 - November 2, 2017)

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Network News

H-Teach posts call for book reviewers, especially in non-Western history

Network Publications

H-Diplo ISSF Roundtable: American foreign policy

H-Diplo Roundtable: Sugar and Civilization: American Empire and the Cultural Politics of Sweetness

H-Diplo article reviews:

H-AmStdy's latest American Childhoods series post: Kids' Stuff in Contemporary Horror Film

H-Environment Roundtable: The Land Beneath Our Feet


H-War responds to October Hand Grenade of the Month

H-Women shares suggested readings on history of women's leadership

H-Scholar starts discussion on scholars' complicity in predatory publishing

H-Nahuatl discusses Cal State - San Diego's use of Aztecs for athletics teams

H-Scholar comments on Springer Nature's censorship in China

H-Buddhism discusses Buddhology's response to Burma Crisis


H-Rural query on 20th-century land reform in Europe and U.S.

H-Albion seeks breakdown of British Parliament after 1774 election

H-Spain query about religious sanctuary in Spain

H-Minerva seeks information on Soviet female bomber pilots in WWII

H-Animal asks about human-goldfinch interactions

H-Education seeks Harpers Magazine Educational Bulletins from 1860s


Research Resources

H-Public shares online exhibit From Library War Service To Science: Bibliotherapy In World War I

H-HistBibl shares the Internet Archive's new medical history archive

H-Turk shares open access Journal on Muslim Philanthropy and Civil Society

H-War shares post on role of neutrality in WWII Pacific Theater

H-Buddhism shares update on Digital Dictionary of Buddhism

Teaching Resources

H-LatAm shares syllabus Historia de América Latina – XIX

H-Environment shares new open access, open peer review publication An Anthropocene Primer, Version 1.0

H-High-S shares lesson plan for understanding Syrian refugees through comics

H-Women shares suggested readings on history of women's leadership


H-HistBibl shares Internet Archive Blog: Books from 1923 to 1941 Now Liberated!

H-War shares Hand Grenade of the Month for November: Who Remembers Provide Comfort?

H-Nutrition shares two new blog posts on calories

H-Empire shares blog article, Rethinking American Grand Strategy in the Asia Pacific

News & Publication Roundups

H-Nationalism's latest Weekend Readings

H-Poland's member publications

H-Luso-Africa's recent publications on Lusophone Africa

H-Eugenics's recent publications in eugenics studies

H-Disability's recent journal articles in disability studies


H-Podcast shares:

H-Africa shares Hip Hop African Podcast, Episode 16 with Ghanian musician and filmmaker Wanlov the Kubolor


H-Minerva remembers women who died in service in October

H-Net Reviews

H-German: Claudia Kemper reviews Abschied vom Kalten Krieg?: Die Sozialdemokraten und der Nachrüstungsstreit (1977–1987)

H-Diplo: Branden Little reviews Benevolent Empire: U.S. Power, Humanitarianism, and the World's Dispossessed

H-Diplo: Robert Kirchubel reviews Barbarossa 1941: Reframing Hitler's Invasion of Stalin's Soviet Empire

H-War: Rhonda Smith-Daugherty reviews United States Army Aviators' Clothing, 1917-1945

H-War: Marissa Smith reviews Muslim, Trader, Nomad, Spy: China's Cold War and the People of the Tibetan Borderlands

H-Diplo: Manuel J. Duran reviews Paradiplomacy: Cities and States as Global Players

H-FedHist: Louis Moore reviews Invisible Seasons: Title IX and the Fight for Equity in College Sports

H-Disability: Pamela L. Dale reviews Culture-Theory-Disability: Encounters between Disability Studies and Cultural Studies

JHistory: Kimberley Mangun reviews The Black Newspaper and the Chosen Nation

H-Sci-Med-Tech: Michael Burnam-Fink reviews The Cybernetics Moment: Or Why We Call Our Age the Information Age

H-Judaic: Geraldine Gudefin reviews The Archive Thief: The Man Who Salvaged French Jewish History in the Wake of the Holocaust

H-Net Commons Top Hits

Most Viewed Page: H-LatAm's Syllabus Collection

Top Discussion: H-Diplo's ISSF Roundtable on American foreign policy

Top Review: Fatjon Kaja's 2016 review of The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism on H-Law

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