Sartre Studies International (Vol. 27, Issue 2)

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The latest issue of Sartre Studies International has published! This special issue examines how existential thinking can be a living, global force that opposes racist praxis and thought.


Published in association with the United Kingdom Sartre Society and the North American Sartre Society.


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Volume 27, Issue 2


Guest Editor’s Introduction

Existentialism is an Antiracism

T Storm Heter



Anti-Racism and Existential Philosophy: An interview with Kathryn Sophia Bell

Kathryn Sophia Belle and Edward O’Byrn


Sipping Whiskey in Memphis: A Conversation Between Robert Bernasconi and Jonathan Judaken on Racism and Existentialism

Robert Bernasconi and Jonathan Judaken



Interrogating Sartre and Apartheid

Mabogo Percy More


Sartre: The Civil Code and the Rights of Arabs

Nathalie Nya


Existential Psychoanalysis and Sociogeny

Thomas Meagher


L’Existentialisme de Sartre est-il un antiracisme?

Elhadji Fallou Samb


Sartre, Bad Faith and Authentic Decolonial Interventions

Leshaba Lechaba


Worth the Meddle: How Community and Literary Engagement Derailed Colonial Exploitation

Danielle Cervantes Stephens


The Poverty and Richness of the Imaginary: Sartre on (Anti-)racist Ways of Seeing

Laura McMahon


Coalition as a counterpoint to the intersectional critique of The Second Sex

Emma McNicol


Decolonization as Existential Paradox: Lewis Gordon’s Political Commitment to Thinking Otherwise and Setting Afoot a New Humanity

Justin Fugo


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