New Issue: Contributions to the History of Concepts - Isms Concepts, Continued

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The new issue of Contributions to the History of Concepts has published!


Volume 13, Issue 2


SPECIAL SECTION: Isms Concepts, Continued from Volume 13, Issue 1

Revisiting French Foundational Republicanism from a Non-teleological Approach, Pablo Facundo Escalante


Nationalism and Internationalism Reconciled: British Concepts for a New World Order during and after the World Wars, Antero Holmila and Pasi Ihalainen



Sovereignty versus Influence: European Unity and the Conceptualization of Sovereignty in British Parliamentary Debates, 1945-2016, Teemu Häkkinen and Miina Kaarkoski


Koselleck's Historik and the Horizons of Politics, Blake Ewing


The Conceptual and Anthropological History of Bat Mitzvah: Two Lexical Paths and Two Jewish Identities, Hizky Shoham



Eugenia Gay, Philipp Nielsen, Emanuel Richter, Gregor Feindt and Ethan L. Menchinger

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