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*Why is there as yet no reader or anthology of Arab leftist thought in
English translation?*

This workshop will bring together an international group of scholars and
translators from a wide range of disciplines to identify, discuss and
translate a selection of documents that have played a pivotal role in the
formation of socialist, anti-colonial and democratic thought in the Arab
world. The ultimate outcome of this gathering will be the publication of the
first English-language Arab left reader, in which translated documents will
be accompanied by essays that locate them within a larger historical,
political and translational context. The collection aims to bring Arab
leftist traditions into conversation with other non-Western and international
political texts now available in English, as well as to function as a
pedagogical tool and a resource for those interested in political thought in
the Arab world.

The workshop will be comprised of six panels on the following themes:

1) Political Mobilization & Muslim Societies

2) /Turath/: Heritage and Cultural Decolonization

3) Literary Aesthetics and Politics

4) Nation, State and Liberation

5) Feminism and Gender Equality

6) Political Economy.

Sponsored by the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences, and
Humanities (CRASSH), the Faculty of Asian and Middle East Studies and Newnham
College, at the University of Cambridge, the workshop will be held
from Thursday, April 12 to Saturday, April 14, 2018, at the University of

Call for papers:

We invite proposals for texts on one of the above panel subjects (including
party or anonymous tracts, collectively authored documents, etc) for
inclusion in the reader. After the workshop, participants who will contribute
to the reader should be prepared to translate the entirety of their proposed
text, and offer a short summation of its location in broader Arab leftist
thought and political practice.

Please submit the following by October 15, 2017:

* 400 word abstract with the following: description of the text and its
author, including bibliographic information (date of production, length,
publisher (if any), etc; and political location of text (i.e. when and why
was it written, intended audience, distribution method), as well as the
relevance of the text to the topic of your chosen panel (please state
clearly on which panel you wish to present)
* 1-2 paragraphs of proposed text in original Arabic and English

Please submit proposals by October 15th, 2017 to