Call for Review Editors on H-Ideas

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H-Ideas, the H-Net network focusing on the history of ideas, broadly defined, seeks to recruit an energetic team of editors to oversee the reviews program for one of H-Net's largest and oldest networks. H-Net Reviews has built a strong reputation for scholarly reviews, taking advantage of the flexibility and speed of online publication while maintaining the highest scholarly standards. Currently, H-Net Reviews is the largest online archive of professional scholarly reviews, with over 42,000 published reviews since 1993. H-Ideas reviews are distributed to 4,000+ network subscribers, 4,200+ subscribers of H-Review, and made freely available to all on the H-Net Commons and as downloadable pdfs. Readers can peruse all of H-Ideas' published reviews here.

H-Net review editors solicit and edit reviews of recently published books of interest to their network subscribers. Possible additional areas of review coverage could include conferences, films, teaching materials, or textbooks. H-Net handles all book ordering and mailing, and professional copyeditors on staff proofread every review.

Qualifications: Graduate degree or equivalent in any area of intellectual history or related fields. Review editors must be certified by the H-Net Council and serve for two-year renewable terms. Learn more about the qualities of review editors here.

For more information or to apply, please email the Managing Editor of H-Net Reviews, Yelena Kalinsky: