MESA NOV. 2018-CALL FOR PAPERS: Fear of Oblivion: Intellectual Histories of Erasure in the Medieval and Contemporary Middle East

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Call for Papers
February 11, 2018
Ontario, Canada
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Middle East History / Studies, Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Intellectual History, Islamic History / Studies, Literature

Call for Papers - 2018 MESA Annual Meeting

Panel: “Fear of Oblivion: Intellectual Histories of Erasure in the Medieval and Contemporary Middle East”

A fear of oblivion (athazagoraphobia) is defined as the fear of being forgotten and forgetting. This panel is interested in probing the myriad and subtle ways cultural and intellectual production are shaped by this fear. What is the relationship between physical and epistemic erasures? What are the primary forces and parameters that shape a response to this fear? How do cultures, in the act of erasure, subsume rival ideologies? How is erasure, as a primary vehicle for provoking such anxiety, interlinked with historical trauma? How does this fear shape memorialization and commemoration across cultures?

We invite papers that explore these questions in any arena including literature, cultural studies, history, art history, intellectual history and psychology.


Please send your abstracts (300-400 words) by 11 February 2018 to:

For abstract details please visit:

We will notify successful participants by 13 February 2018. Please keep in mind all participants will be invited to submit their abstract electronically and must have a current MESA membership to do so. Please follow MESA regulations in the conference call:

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