CFP Extended: Animals with (or without) Borders, PJHS (Summer 2018)

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We are seeking papers on the theme of “Animals with (or without) Borders” for the summer 2018 issue of the semi-annual scholarly journal, Pakistan Journal of Historical Studies (PJHS), published by the Indiana University Press (Bloomington, USA).

This guest-edited issue explores the interaction between human boundaries and animal lives. As a historical phenomenon, such interaction would include the imposition of borders on existing trade routes and seasonal migration of pastoral societies, and attempts to politically corral animals to fit human boundaries. Socially, it might address problems such as the difference in animal production or welfare on two sides of a border. Politically, it would extend to veterinary, epidemic and tax controls on the movement of animals or animal products, and the role of infrastructure and development capital in the regional development of breeding and production chains.

China historian Thomas David DuBois and the journal’s regular editorial team will collaborate to edit this issue.

For more information or to propose an idea, please email to (cc to;

Deadline for submitting articles is now 20th April 2018. Manuscripts should be submitted through the Indiana University Press website, via the following link:

Length of an article should be between 8,000 and 12,000 words. For style-sheet, visit the following link:

Journal’s website: