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The UConn Logic Group is proud to announce the first of its annual workshops. The workshops are organized around a researcher whose work has had a significant and lasting influence on a field of logic, broadly construed. The remaining talks, invited and selected, will be given by critics as well as contributors to the field who were influenced by the keynote speaker's work. April 26-27, 2014, University of Connecticut, Storrs Abstractionism / Neologicism The first workshop in the series will focus on Abstractionism / Neologicism.

Abstractionism pursues Frege's goal of finding a logical foundation for arithmetic by replacing his famously inconsistent Basic Law V with different resources: so-called abstraction principles, understood as implicit definitions. Since the 1983 publication of Crispin Wright's Frege's Conception of Numbers as Objects, there has been a wave of literature developing and criticizing this program that still has not subsided. The 2014 UConn Logic Workshop will pursue current work on this project. Confirmed Speakers: Keynote: Crispin Wright

<> (N.I.P. Aberdeen, NYU)

Invited Speakers: Francesca Boccuni <> (Milan) Roy T. Cook

<> (Minnesota) Richard Heck<> (Brown) Øystein Linnebo<> (Oslo, N.I.P. Aberdeen) Friederike Moltmann<> (IHPST Paris, NYU) Stewart Shapiro (OSU) Sean Walsh<> (UC Irvine)

In addition, there will be a limited number of contributed talks, with at least one slot reserved for a graduate student presentation. The winner of the graduate student competition will receive free accommodation and a travel subsidy. Please note in your email if you would like to be considered for the graduate student competition. Talks should not exceed 45 minutes, leaving 30 minutes for discussion. Deadline for submissions: February 16th, 2014 Submissions will be selected by the end of February. Registration for the event will open soon on our website:


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