Hub Keyword Guide

This page explains the keywords being compiled by each of the buttons on the main page. The keywords were chosen through a combination of the most commonly used keywords on the Commons and input from Editors. If you would like content you have created at your own network (discussion posts, pages, contributions, blogs, etc.) to appear on this hub, make sure to use the keywords listed below. We are always open to suggestions for other keywords that are being widely used and would improve the coverage of the H-Net hubs.

Race: All content with the keywords Race, Racism, Race Studies or African American Studies.

Ethnicity: All content with the keyword Ethnicity.

Slavery: All content with the keyword Slavery.

Diaspora: All content with the keywords Diaspora or African Diaspora.

CFPs: All content with the Categories call for papers or CFP and with any of the keywords mentioned above.

Fellowships: All content with the Category fellowship and with any of the keywords mentioned above.