Announcement_Seminars on African Displacement by Africa Research Group of the German Network for Forced Migration Studies

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we'd like to draw your attention to a new online seminar series that might be of interest:



Seminars on African Displacement

by Africa Research Group, German Network for Forced Migration Studies 

This series of occasional seminars and talks focuses on exploring displacement, migration and mobility on the African continent.


About this Event

Our first virtual seminar will be given by Yolanda Weima (Center for Refugee Studies, York University, Canada).

Refuge after return: Multiple displacements and diverse trajectories of Burundian refugees in Tanzania

The refugee label applied to refugees in camps implies a simple spatial and temporal trajectory: a past (one-way, one-time, cross-border) displacement; present, provisional containment; future return (or other once-for-all settlement) as a ‘solution.’ Yet there is growing evidence of re-displacement in many situations. Little research has addressed repeated refuge and return. Accordingly, this paper focuses on the enduring, recurring displacement of Burundian refugees over five decades. Life history narratives from two camps in Tanzania in 2017-8 highlight diverse trajectories which defy past binary groupings of Burundian refugees as either the ‘1972’ or ‘1990s’ cohort, the ‘town’ or ‘camp’ refugees. I argue that the linear spatial-temporal imaginary of ‘refugee,’ contributes to and is shaped by state-centric ‘solutions’ such as encampment and return—both of which may be experienced as displacement. This imaginary effaces repeated displacement, diverse routes to refuge, and the making and re-making of lives in varied locales.


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