Refugees in African History - Quarterly Bulletin of Recent Publications 02-21

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Quarterly Bulletin of Recent Publications on the topic of:

Refugees in African History


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Books and Chapters:

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Mohamad, Wigdan. African refugee women in Egypt: lacunae in international refugee law and the erasure of disadvantaged groups (Master thesis, The American University in Cairo), 2020.


Journal Articles:

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Blog Posts and Online Writing:

Barclay, Fiona. ‘Victims of Decolonisation? The French Settlers of Algeria’. Refugee History.,

Lingelbach, Joachen. ‘Swimming to Safety’. Refugee History. 2020.

Lysa, Charlotte. ‘A Recent History of Refugees in Saudi Arabia’. Refugee History. 2020.

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From the Blog Series ‘Histories of Refuge’ in Africa Is a Country:

Kalter, Christoph. The Strange Case of Portugal’s Returnees. 2020.

Machava, Adérito Júlio. Mozambique’s Borders. 2020.

Passemlers, Lazlo. Congo’s White ‘Refugees’. 2020.

Schenck, Marcia C. Africa’s Forgotten Refugee Convention. 2020.

Thlam, Madina. From the Niger to the Nile. 2020.

Weitzberg, Keren. Passing as a Refugee. 2020.