Resource for academic networking: IASFM compiled a list of Forced Migration Studies Networks on their website

Johanna M. Wetzel Discussion

Dear Refugees in African History Community, please see below an announcement shared by the IASFM about a list of Forced Migration Studies Networks that they are working on. To see the most updated version, please follow the link below:


Dear IASFM members and forced migration studies community

We are pleased to inform you about a recently added resource to our website: a List of Forced Migration Studies Networks Worldwide.

You can also find the information and the downloadable list by following the path “About > Publications > Networking Resources” on the website.

Research on forced migration is not limited to certain contexts but takes place worldwide and is accompanied by networks to bring scholars together. Therefore, the list shall serve as a service to the community to facilitate exchange, increase visibility and foster networking among the network

Best wishes,