'Mobilisation for Hate? Visions of society and small steps towards violence'- Dec 2nd, 5:30pm

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This webinar, co-hosted by the UCL 'Compromised Identities' project and HOPE not Hate, will bring together experts on contemporary and historic racialised violence to explore changes and continuities in extremism - from the Third Reich to today.

Speakers will probe the relations between collective violence and the socio-political contexts that facilitate it, examining the ways in which participation in collective violence has developed both historically and today.

This event will feature a series of presentations from all speakers, followed by a panel discussion, with time also allotted for questions & answers.

Speakers include:

  • Dr Joe Mulhall- Senior Researcher at HOPE not Hate and author of ‘The International Alt-Right: Fascism for the 21st Century?’
  • Professor Larry Ray- Emeritus Professor of Sociology at the University of Kent, and author of ‘Violence and Society’
  • Members of the Compromised Identities research team

Registration is free, and a zoom link will be emailed to all who have registered on the day of the event. You can sign up on eventbrite here.