Virtual Networking Event for Holocaust Researchers

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The Holocaust Studies Program of Western Galilee College is delighted to invite you to attend a virtual networking event for Holocaust researchers

 August 26, 2020 19:00 Israel time, 12 PM East Coast time.


The COVID-19 crisis has not only upended in-person meetings, classes, and seminars but the very foundations of academic life. We all miss yearly conferences and countless smaller events where you get to meet like-minded colleagues, share your research, and discover common interests. From the start of the pandemic, the Holocaust Studies Program of Western Galilee College started organizing academic events online: An Online Conference for Holocaust Researchers in May and the Virtual Conversations with Holocaust Researchersseries.

However, Zoom also shapes the social nature of these events, as they often lack the face-to-face interactions, the informal mingling, and the crucial encounters in between presentations, where scholars can exchange ideas and establish relations the coffee break of academic events.


We have decided to address this need by strengthening the community of Holocaust researchers with the best tools we have: getting together online.


The event is open for Holocaust scholars who are actively engaging in research. (Formal project, informal, MA, Phd, Post-doc etc.)

The event will have three rounds of breakout rooms on Zoom. In each room 8-10 researchers have 2 minutes to introduce themselves, their project and some minutes at the end for a general discussion. (This is ‘speed-dating’ for Holocaust researchers)

Places are limited due to the nature of the event. Registration is until 20 August 2020. Here:

For further questions please email: