QUERY: Polish Labor camp

I am working on a story of a Polish Survivor and part of her story is confusing and I hope someone might be able to help.
She was from the town of Horodlo and was sent to work at a nearby estate that had been owned by a wealthy Polish prince before the Nazis took it over. She said it was in Stazyn but I can't find any such place. The closest thing is Strzyżów.
She said she was harvesting sugar beets and later wheat.
Anyone have any idea what estate she's talking about or any other details?

Hi Mitchell,
I work at the USC Shoah Foundation and I remember what I once I came across to that place in a testimony. I wasn't able to find a reliable information about this place; therefore, 'Stazyn Estate' exist in our thesaurus as unverified place: "(u)Stazyn Estate (Hrubieszów, Lublin, Poland : Concentration Camp)" . The only source, besides a survivor's testimony, I was able to find was an excerpt from the chapter about Horodlo in "Encyclopaedia of Jewish Communities, Poland"(https://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/pinkas_poland/pol7_00145.html). It says, "Young people and others fit for work, who had been separated from their families at the station, were divided into two groups. One group was returned to Uchanie, and from there sent to work on the estate at Stazyn; the other group was transferred to the concentration camp at Stawy, near Chelm. In the autumn of 1942 the Germans also murdered the Jews who had been sent to Stazyn."
And I also find Folwark Starzeń (farm) about 2 km SE from Horodlo in geonames. It may be it.
It's not much. Please, let me know if you find more information. Then we can change unverified to verified.


Thank you Svetlana. This description is consistent with the survivor's story. She did indeed stay in Uchanie. FYI She broke her arm and knew that she would be killed because she no longer work and ran away and was hidden by a Ukrainian farmer in Horodlo who had dug a pit for her under his barn. She stayed in this pit for 21 months until after Horodlo was liberated.