QUERY: Arts That Challenge Prevailing Paradigms in Holocaust Studies

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Friends, Colleagues,

First, please note that this query concerns a narrow category of work.  So it is important to attend to the parameters.

I am putting together a panel, and potential workshop, that concerns creative work (theatre, poetry, song, music, visual art, and similar) that _self-consciously_ challenges prevailing paradigms in Holocaust remembrance, popular or scholarly.  It follows that such artists will not be "sanguine" about prevailing paradigms!  The call is specifically for artists themselves rather than interpreters/commentators, although I certainly welcome suggestions from those in the second group.

Ideally, artists should be prepared eventually to present a sample of such work and to explain their intent; i.e., what conventions they aim to challenge.

Such work will vary, but it will often include irony, surreality, dark humor, unconventional media, or other ways to suggest the limits of prevailing paradigms and at least hint at alternative perspectives.  For example, there has been a lot of such work in Israeli drama and some of the early memoirs (i.e., Borowski). 

Again, this call is for artists themselves rather than their interpreters, although suggestions from latter are welcome.  Please message me directly at hgreensp@umich.edu

Thanks and best to all,

Hank Greenspan

University of Michigan 

Israel society is so divided, that an identifying phrase should be added. For instance, there are many left-wing Israelis, in addition to the conservative sort.

Clare Spark, Independent Scholar