NEW BOOK: Holocaust Essays, by Chava Rosenfarb

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I would like to announce the publication of a book of essays by the Yiddish-language novelist Chava Rosenfarb, the author of The Tree of Life: A Trilogy of life in the Lodz Ghetto. The new book is called Confessions of a Yiddish Writer, and it features several non-fiction essays by Rosenfarb on her experiences growing up in Lodz, Poland, including essays on her mentor in the Lodz ghetto, Simkha-Bunim Shayevitch, as well as on child labourers in the ghetto. Also included is the diary that Rosenfarb kept after her liberation from Bergen-Belsen. Other essays deal with Yiddish literature, with Jewish writers, with feminism, suicide among Jewish writers who have survived the Holocaust. The collection ends with two travelogues, one to Australia, the other to Prague. The publisher is McGill-Queens University Press. I am the editor. For more information, or to order, please see: