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After logging in:

1. Big yellow button with a plus sign in a circle, top right of the screen says "Start a Discussion with fellow scholars", click on it.

2. Fill in the Title bar.

3. Under the Body section put your message in the box, and there are options for bolding, italics etc., feel free. You can also copy and paste from a Word document, etc., you may need to adjust a little, but it works. You can paste in pictures to accompany your discussion entry or the announcement cards/invitations that universities are using now for events, and etc.

   a) copy your picture or announcement card, etc. from wherever.

   b) left click in the body of your message where you would like the picture, or announcement card, etc., to appear, you'll get a little box with instructions "Please paste inside the following box using the keyboard (Ctrl/Cmd+V)" to put your picture in the box (and yes it does look too little for any picture but it works), then click the little green OK button and you should see your picture in the message body. You may need to adjust spacing a bit after it's there and it does not wrap text around the picture.

4. Once your message is finished, scroll down you'll see Categories and Keywords with instructions. Don't worry about these too much I'll fix them as needed. Once you start to type though, you'll get a popup list, click those relevant (one at a time -- it wont do a group). I have put in most of your institutions, i.e., USHMM, ISGAP, SICSA, Tel Aviv University, University of Indiana, et al.

5. Scroll down to the bottom you'll see two grey buttons on the left under the title Submit that say Preview and Submit (yes there are two submits). Preview lets you see exactly what your message will look like when it's posted and you can edit and preview as often as it takes. Submit puts it in my editor's box and disappears from your screen.

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