CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS: Panel on betrayal and rescue of Jews during the Holocaust in the Soviet Union for the 51st AJS Conference

I would like to create a panel for the 51st AJS Conference, December 15-17, 2019 San Diego, CA on betrayal and rescue of Jews during the Holocaust in the Soviet Union. The panel will analyze Jewish self-help or rescue efforts as well as the rescue and betrayal of Jews by gentiles.

Recordatorio: Convocatoria: Seminario sobre Holocausto, Genocidio y Violencia Masiva, fecha de limite 3/29/19

Seminario internacional para el cuerpo docente universitario
Holocausto, Genocidio y Violencia Masiva
17 a 21 de junio de 2019
Ciudad de México, México
Fecha límite de solicitudes: 29 de marzo de 2019

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Hoping the H-Holocaust and H-AS editors will make serious review of criteria for appropriate and inappropriate posts.  If the topic was, for example, juxtaposing Nazi Germany with contemporary politics, there have been widely circulated articles by Chris Browning, Debby Lipstadt, and others that speak to this.  Such pieces by outstanding scholars would be a useful model for making such choices.

Hank Greenspan, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

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Here is the description of H-Holocaust. I don't know when it was written or by whom. I think we need to update it and trim it down, it's much too long and I was wondering if some of you would volunteer to do that. It's quite lengthly.

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RE-PRINT ANNOUNCEMENT: "I Was A Doctor In Auschwitz" by Gisella Perl

I WAS A DOCTOR IN AUSCHWITZ by Dr. Gisella Perl - first published in 1948 but out of print for decades - is now widely available again, in hardcover, paperback, and as an e-book.

Perl’s memoir is an extraordinarily candid account of women’s extreme efforts to survive Auschwitz. It was the first memoir by a woman survivor and established the model for understanding the gendered Nazi policies and practices targeting Jewish women as racially poisonous.


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