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Copy of HUAC Hearings on Mundt-Nixon Bill?

Do any HOAC members have a PDF copy to share of "Hearings on Proposed Legislation to Curb or Control the Communist Party of the United States" before the Subcommittee on Legislation of the Committee on Un-American Activities - House of Representatives, Eightieth Congress, Second Session on H.R. 4422 and H.R. 4581? 

These were the hearings on the Mundt-Nixon Bill in February 1948.

Re: Shaffer on Young, 'Union Power: The United Electrical Workers in Erie, Pennsylvania'

Gilden's "From the River to the Sea" based on his experience in the UE local in Bridgeport is one of the besy descriptions of "life and times on the factory floor" I've come across. Check out the context at
Sixty Years Ago: Congressional Red-Hunters Set Their Sights on Bridgeport

Andy Piascik
June 7, 2016