Subscribing to H-HOAC

If you wish to subscribe to H-HOAC, the H-Net list for Historians of American Communism, please read the following.


H-HOAC is designed to provide a forum for academic professionals, scholarly researchers, and serious independent scholars who want to participate in a scholarly discussion and sharing of research on the history of American communism and domestic anticommunism encompassing the history of the Communist Party of the USA (CPUSA), groups that split from the CPUSA, and competing radical movements.

Membership in H-HOAC is open to:
(1) Those who hold an advanced degree (M.A. or Ph.D.) in history, the social sciences, the humanities, or related fields and whose focus in research, writing, or teaching includes topics related to the history of domestic American communism and anticommunism.  (Graduate students actively pursuing such degrees are also eligible.),
(2) Those who do not have such academic training but who have accomplished significant *scholarly* research, preferably including publication, on aspects of the history of American communism and anticommunism, and
(3) Other applicants, who should supply a clear statement of interest and purpose that explains the professional or educational objectives they wish to promote through membership, and the kinds of contributions to the group that would foster those objectives.

To put it simply, H-HOAC is a list that has been organized by and for advanced academic specialists in and serious students of this area, for the primary purpose of exchanging professional information.  It is not a list for general discussions of issues regarding communism as an ideology, philosophy, or political program (a wide variety of lists on the internet already serve those purposes).  Those who are not eligible for membership but who wish to read H-HOAC posting are invited to do so.

To subscribe to H-HOAC please complete your H-Net Commons profile page and be certain that the inofrmation you provide there explains your eligibility under points #1, #2, or #3 above.