Guide to the microfilm of Fond 515, "Files of the Communist Party of the USA in the Comintern Archives"


Is there an active or working link to this Finding Guide. The current link is not working. Any advice on accessing this finding guide would be greatly appreciated.

kafui attoh

I prepared a temporary finding aid to the CPUSA microfilm (fond 515) when the Library of Congress obtained the microfilm. I don't know why LoC's link to that finding aid (register) is broken. IDC publishers, who marketed copies of the microfilm for the Russian archive, used the LoC's (my) temporary finding aid as the guide for its copies of the microfilm. But IDC's version has disappeared from the web. On looking at the IDC site, it isn't clear that it is any longer marketing the microfilm.

In any event, I will post a version of the temporary finding aid I edited for LoC in a H-HOAC post shortly.

Tim Davenport was at one time preparing a much more detailed finding aid to the fond 515 microfilm than my minimal version, but I don't know if that project (a daunting one for one person) was completed. Even my austere version used delo descriptions not only that I prepared but also on delo information from Harvey Klehr, Vernon Pedersen, and the late Herbert Romerstein.