Comintern online

is still on line?
I am not bale to connect.


The we link does not respond.

Moreover, it appears here as defunct:

I have a vague memory that RGASPI ended its Comintern-online contract with a European publisher several years ago. Don't remember any details or if RGASPI has authorized a replacement.

John Haynes

The Internet Archive Wayback Machine has a series of archived versions of that webpage, quite useful for these sorts of things:

Also the Marxists Internet Archive has a section devoted to Comintern materials:

Dear all,

The Russian Archives Agency has relaunched the digitized parts of the Comintern archives within their own archival portal "Dokumenty Sovetskoi Epokhi". You can read all about it in the latest issue of the International Newsletter of Communist Studies: .

Gleb J. Albert, University of Zurich