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I am trying to find two sources from 1932 about the attitude of the CPUSA to Diego Rivera in the early 1930s. Both of these are from footnote 37 from Dennis Nodín Valdés, "Mexican Revolutionary Nationalism and Repatriation during the Great Depression," Mexican Studies/Estudios Mexicanos, vol 4, no 1 (Winter 1988): 16.

The first is an aritlce about Rivera from the Michigan Worker, November 20, 1932. I have tried the university libraries at both Ann Arbor and Wayne State and both say that do not have that issue of the Michigana Worker (their collection starts with December 1932). Does anybody know where I might where I might find that issue of the Michigan Worker (or alternatively, know if the citation from Nodín Valdés is incorrect).

The second source is a statment or pamphlet from the International Labor Defense, "Down With Diego Rivera," which is cited as being in the National Archives, Research Group 85, 55784/585. This seems rather straightfoward, except that the National Archives are currently not open for visitors because of Covid. I am curious if anybody might have a copy of this source.

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(I am posting this to both the H-HOAC and H-LatAm lists because I thought it possible somebody on either list might have an answer, but that the sources had relatively distinct audiences.)

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